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Barcovan Golf Club Newsletter July 2011
What's On At Barcovan

Tuesday, July 5
Ladies Invitational, 9am

Friday, July 29
Mens Invitational, 10am

Sunday, August 7
Ladies Club Championship

Friday, August 12
Mixed Invitational

August 13 & 14
Mens Club Championship

August 15, 16, & 17
GAO Junior Girls

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Saturday Morning Skins Game
Anyone interested in playing on Saturday Mornings at 7:30 in the Mens skins game can sign up in the clubhouse. Come on out and test your skills.
Bug Spray
Please remember when putting on your bug spray to do it in the parking lot. When you spray out on the golf course the spray kills the grass very quickly.
Thanks again,
The Maintenance Staff

Divot Fill Boxes

Replacing or repairing divots is designed to get the turf growing again as quickly as possible.
Failure to replace or repair a divot can add weeks to to the time it takes turf to heal itself. So if you don't want to land in a divot after your beautiful drive down the middle of the fairway, pitch in and replace your divots.


Ladies Wanted: First Annual Solheim Cup

Team Canada vs. Team Europe. On September 11th, 2011, Barcovan Golf Club is hosting the first annual Solheim Cup. This is open to female members of Barcovan Golf Club. This will be an 18-hole game with 3, 6-hole games - alternate shot, scramble and match play. If you are interested in signing up, please contact Gay Smith at


Herrington Ties Club Record

Scott Herrington tied the club course record shooting a sizzling 66 from the blue tees on Saturday, June 11th. Congratulations!

Waste Bunker Hole #10 - Local Rule
The fairway bunker on Hole #10 is now a waste bunker which means you would be permitted to ground your club, remove loose impediments, and otherwise engage in any activity that is permissible elsewhere "through the green".

Upcoming Events...
Ladies and Mens Invitationals, Club Championships, Mixed Invitationals and the GAO Junior Girls Championship. Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events for a full listing of upcoming events. If you wish to participate in any events, be sure to sign in at the ProShop.

Tip from the Pro...

By Linda Shephard for Flagstick Magazine

How many times have you stood over the ball before taking your swing and thinking do I have the right club in my hand, I hope this doesn’t go left, keep my head still, keep my left arm straight... Well I was very lucky to attend a seminar held by Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott who coach athletes such as Annika Sorrenstam, Suzanne petterson & Ai Miyazato. What I learned at this seminar was to become a better player I needed to work more on my preshot routine which is the Think box/ Play box. The think box is where all of your preshot routine thoughts and swings would be done. For example things you would be thinking in your think box would be yardages, wind conditions, my lie, what shot I am trying to play (high, low, draw, fade) but everyone is different so figure what works best for you in the think box. Some people need very little information and know right away from a gut instinct what they want to do. Some people need more information and more time before a shot, some people just picture in their mind the swing the want to make. Remember it is finding out what works for you best. When you leave the think box and cross that line into the play box you have to be completely committed to the decision you have made about the shot you are about to hit. The Play box is where real golf is played and where you have the most fun because once you cross that line all of your decisions have been made, your mind is clear and it is time to play golf. Keep this in mind most good players spend about 25 seconds in their Think Box and about 4-9 seconds in the playbox from the time they step into the shot until they swing. Tiger Woods is approximately 8 seconds and Annika Sorrenstam is 5 seconds when they play their best golf.

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