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Barcovan Golf Club Newsletter July 2012
What's On At Barcovan
Saturday, July 7
Adams Demo Day - 10 am

Friday, July 13
Members Shot Gun - 7:30 am
Brighton Minor Hockey Charity Tournament - 12:30 pm

Friday, July 27
Members Shot Gun - 7:30 am
KKBA Tournament - 12:30 pm

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Saturday, July 6th Morning Mens Member - Member 2-man team, 1-net best ball.
Anyone interested in playing on Saturday, July 6th? Entry $50.00, prizes and food afterwards. Tee times start at 7:30 am. Come on out and test your skills!

Sunday Mixed League
Be sure to sign up for our new Mixed League on Sundays at 11:30 am. Different format each week and lots of fun.

Bug Spray
Please remember when putting on your bug spray to do it in the parking log. When you spray it out on the course, the spray kills the grass. Thanks again!

The Maintenance Staff

2nd Annual Solheim Cup
Team Canada vs. Team Europe. On September 10th, 2012, Barcovan Golf Club is hosting their 2nd annual Solheim Cup. This is open to female members only. This will be an 18-hole game with 3, 6-hole games - alternate shot, scramble, and match play. If you are interested, please sign up in the back room.


Happy Canada Day!

Upcoming Events
Mens Invitationals, Club Championships, Mixed Invitational and the GAO Junior Girls Championship. Be sure to check our our Calendar of Events for a full listing of upcoming events. If you wish to participate in any event, be sure to sign up at the ProShop.

Golf Course Maintenance
The Golf Course is in amazing shape with greens that are fast and true. Please replace your divots and fix your ball marks. Failure to replace or repair a divot can add weeks to the time it takes turf to heal.

Barcovan is 10.5 on the Stimpmeter

Certainly one of the most popular, but least understood topics in golf course maintenance is the speed of golf course greens as measured by a stimp meter.

The stimp meter was developed by Eddie Stimpson in 1937 as a useful tool to compare the speed of each green on any particular golf course. This allows your Golf Course Superintendent to fine tune management practices to provide as consistent a putting surface, over the 18 greens, as possible.
A "Stimpmeter" is a device used to measure the speed of putting greens - how easily a golf ball rolls across the surface of the green. The Stimpmeter is a very low-tech device, essentially just a small, metal ramp that is angled down to a flat part of a putting green. A golf ball is released down the ramp. How far the ball rolls determines the "stimp" or stimp rating of the green, which is a measurement of green speed. The farther the ball rolls, the faster the greens. A "Stimp rating" of, for example, 11 means that the golf ball rolled 11 feet after being released from the Stimpmeter (note again that the ball is released onto a flat portion of the green whose speed is being measured).

At Barcovanour goal each year is to provide a greens speed that measures between 9 and10.5 depending, of course, on the weather conditions, seeding periods, hot spells and moisture from periods of rain. In my opinion a stimp measurement of 10 produces the best putting surfaces for most levels of skill. Even at these speeds, though, pin placement can be a challenge. Most tour players play on a speed between 11-12. The Masters this year was 13.

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